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The Most Important Meal of the Day?

In relaying my day’s work activities at the dinner table recently my 7 year old astutely pointed out “you go out to breakfast and lunch a lot”. And indeed I do.10426887_801777069861452_5052099524127629308_n

It’d be untruthful if I said I didn’t get enjoyment out of knowing some great and out of the way spots to get a good meal, and I am glad to have been introduced to some places across New Jersey, and well beyond, that I never would’ve experienced had it not been for this job. From your traditional Jersey Diner, to the Hula Hut in Austin, to the Canal Bank Cafe in Dublin, it seems the list of places I’ve enjoyed a good meal, all in the name of work, are endless.

While my predilection for often times unhealthy food is now well known- it’s not my regular cravings for buffalo wings, chicken fingers or anything else fried or topped with melted mozzarella cheese that keeps me adding more and more meals out to my calendar.

There is no better way to serve a client than by getting to know them, and there is no better way to get to know someone than by sharing a meal with them. Often times these conversations over an endless basket of bread or heaping plates of french fries have little to do with work, and sometimes work doesn’t even come up.

Make no mistake, meals take time, and in this often crazy world time is a commodity that many of us don’t have much of! But, building relationships also takes time, and who among us can’t benefit from more strong relationships?

-Steve Lenox

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