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Steve Lenox Responds to New York Times Article

“Police Unions, Facing Public Anger, Rethink How to Address Shootings”

It has been a pleasure to work with the unions that represent the members of the Jersey City Police Department for nearly two years. During this time we have worked side by side with union leadership to help them develop a strong communications strategy to make sure their voices are heard on a number of issues.

They have been committed to engaging in thoughtful and meaningful dialogue, whether it was responding to the brutal murder of Detective Melvin Santiago, highlighting their many positive community outreach efforts, offering their thoughts on public policy affecting law enforcement, or reacting to some of the national stories the attached article mentions.

I would contend that these efforts have been well received by the members, who just overwhelmingly reelected their leadership; the media, with whom an improved line of communication has opened; government officials at all levels who are ever more rightly seeking input and opinions on matters that affect law enforcement; and the community that are increasingly appreciative of the efforts of the men and women that wear the badge of the JCPD to make their communities safer.

— Steve Lenox

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