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Pockets Half Full

If you’re anything like me, your days probably end with a ritualistic emptying of the pockets. Loose change in the piggy bank, gum wrappers in the bin, wallet set aside safely for the next day. Easy right?

But if a typical work day looks anything like mine, running from meeting to meeting, coffee here, lunch there, capped off by a ‘networking’ engagement at yet another bar before heading home, your day’s collection probably also includes several new business cards and an unwieldy pile of slips of paper with random notes.

There was a time when I was much more consistent with the follow up- and as we know following up is key to building and maintaining meaningful relationships. But admittedly I have slipped, business cards lay unentered into any sort of filing system, and loose paper accumulates long enough that by the time I look at them again I’ve forgotten what the notes mean!

Perhaps this is a symptom of the too rapid pace many of us operate in, maybe it’s a little bit of laziness. Whatever it is, it’s surely not productive, and the cost, financial or otherwise, associated with doing better is surely less than the cost of losing relationships, sometimes before they start, because of a lack of order.

Things have to change, and as they say, that change starts with me!

Check back soon to see how I’m doing!

nightstand after a long day!

nightstand after a long day!

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