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Here at Lenox Consulting, we pride ourselves on ‘how we do it’. Our approach to client work and relationships is unique and unconditional, as we provide a hands-on approach, jumping into every project with enthusiasm, efficiency, and collaboration. We are individuals who are involved in our communities outside of the office, and intertwine these extracurricular activities with our consulting work to always provide a one-of-a-kind experience and perspective for our clients. The work never stops, and at Lenox Consulting, we are always on call to advance your agenda and tell your story. Take a look at some of the ways we get it done.

Pockets Half Full

If you’re anything like me, your days probably end with a ritualistic emptying of the pockets. Loose change in the piggy bank, gum wrappers in the bin, wallet set aside safely for the next day. Easy right? But if a typical work day looks anything like mine, running from meeting to meeting, coffee here, lunch there, capped off by a ‘networking’ engagement at yet another bar before heading home, your day’s collection probably also includes several new business cards and an unwieldy pile of slips of paper with random notes. There was a time when I was much more consistent with the follow up- and as we know following up is key to building and maintaining meaningful relationships. But admittedly I have slipped, business cards lay unentered into any sort of filing system, and loose paper accumulates long enough that by the time I look at them again I’ve forgotten what the notes mean! Perhaps this is a symptom of the too rapid pace many of us operate in, maybe it’s a little bit of laziness. Whatever it is, it’s surely not productive, and the cost, financial or otherwise, associated with doing better is surely less than the cost of losing relationships, sometimes before they start, because of a lack of order. Things have to change, and as they say, that change starts with me! Check back soon to see how I’m doing!
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Life is Short… Don’t Get Caught!

This is an amazing story that continues to play out for Ashley Madison, and the many, many, surprisingly many, individuals who have decided to go online to have a ‘discreet’ affair. No matter how unseemly or morally corrupt their service may be, it’s hard to dispute that they are ‘disrupting’ the industry and institution of marriage. Their radio commercials are always entertaining and humorous, who hasn’t caught themselves inadvertently singing one of their jingles? Company CEO Noel Biderman has an uncanny ability to position Ashley Madison like any other startup, one that has simply found a way to fill consumer’s needs. It has often been said that we are part of the advent of the ‘on demand’ marketplace, why not bring this concept into meeting people’s companionship needs? More importantly than the facts surrounding this story though, are the interesting studies in both public relations, or crisis management, and the continued reliance on technology, combined with the hope that what we do online remains secret, this situation offers. As we all find ourselves doing from time to time, I was clicking from one story to the next when I came across the media statement released by Avid Life Media, the parent company of Ashley Madison, in which they come out swinging against this act of ‘criminality’ and express their “outrage” that anyone would commit such “illegitimate” acts against “innocent citizens simply going about their daily lives.” A brilliantly crafted piece, you almost forget that those whose information has been exposed are taking very
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Face to Face Still the Best Connection

The following also appeared in the July 1-7 edition of the Irish Echo.   It is indisputable that the advent of mobile technology and social media has changed the way we live our lives. There is no doubt that the information that makes the world go around is right at our fingertips, keeping us ‘plugged in’. And for many, this access to information, and the devices that provide it, is a critical lifeline to the outside world.   However, while the benefits that come with having these powerful little computers always at the ready far outweigh the negative, it is fair to say that they have brought with them just as many unintended consequences. For many, connectedness means the ability to communicate their every thought with the world quickly.   Technology has broken down many barriers to communication, reduced individual’s inhibitions when it comes to sharing opinions, and offered anyone with an internet connection access to an audience that far surpasses that of this publication, or that of any other individual outlet. Thanks to these powerful tools the whole world is indeed a stage, and that's why we need to protect so much more the tools and technology we use to communicate as our data could be stolen, and that's why the use of network protection such as Fortinet could be essential to have secure ways to do this.   But have we lost the ability, or forgotten the importance of, connecting with each other on a personal level? The art of the deal sealed by a handshake, the need
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Ireland, The Little Island That Could

It has been a pleasure to watch the campaign for marriage equality in Ireland progress over the past several months. Not just because of the final, and in our opinion right, outcome, but also because of the activism and energy it inspired. From a campaign mechanics perspective it seems the Vote Yes side did everything right. They got their message out clearly and succinctly, didn't fall prey to negative and untruthful attacks, and never took their eye off the prize, even when it was clear momentum and public sentiment was firmly on their side. Efforts to capitalize on social media, notably through the ‪#‎hometovote‬ twitter movement, showed again the power to connect through a still largely misunderstood and underutilized medium. Great to see friend Jay Lassiter mentioned in the Irish Times, his energy and that of others like him that took part in this election showed that the Vote Yes campaign was about more than just marriage equality in Ireland. It was also about showing that Ireland, a tiny island across the Atlantic, is a beacon of freedom and progressive values. It also showed that the fight for fairness and freedom, in whatever form that takes, is one we must all take on together. Ireland has long "punched above it's weight" when it comes to attracting foreign investment, today we know also that it does so in matters of equality!
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Steve Lenox Responds to New York Times Article

“Police Unions, Facing Public Anger, Rethink How to Address Shootings” It has been a pleasure to work with the unions that represent the members of the Jersey City Police Department for nearly two years. During this time we have worked side by side with union leadership to help them develop a strong communications strategy to make sure their voices are heard on a number of issues. They have been committed to engaging in thoughtful and meaningful dialogue, whether it was responding to the brutal murder of Detective Melvin Santiago, highlighting their many positive community outreach efforts, offering their thoughts on public policy affecting law enforcement, or reacting to some of the national stories the attached article mentions. I would contend that these efforts have been well received by the members, who just overwhelmingly reelected their leadership; the media, with whom an improved line of communication has opened; government officials at all levels who are ever more rightly seeking input and opinions on matters that affect law enforcement; and the community that are increasingly appreciative of the efforts of the men and women that wear the badge of the JCPD to make their communities safer. -- Steve Lenox
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