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Lessons from a Jersey Diner

Anyone who has turned to the writings of leaders they admire, seeking to replicate their success, has surely come across advice to get a jump start on the work week. While I have also sought such pearls of wisdom, and started countless weeks by sitting down on a Sunday evening
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As I racked up the miles last week, switching between planes, trains and automobiles, flying across the Atlantic, driving the length of the Garden State Parkway, and riding the rails to Baltimore, I found “community” to be a recurring theme through many of the conversations and events that filled my
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Easy as ABC

Despite its lackluster performance at the box office, Glengarry GlenRoss’ now legendary “always be closing” speech by Alec Baldwin introduced many to a sales philosophy rooted in the idea of getting the deal done, no matter the cost beyond that which can easily be measured in dollars and cents. Creating
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