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Dispatches from Hong Kong

  Monday, April 3, 2017 24 Hours Before Departure   While I gladly accepted the invitation of a good friend to visit Hong Kong, I'm not sure I totally thought through the enormity of the trip. A seasoned traveler for sure, this one brought much more than just an overnight flight across the Atlantic,
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FMBA- Not Just Fighting Fires

Visiting the New Jersey Statehouse with the New Jersey State FMBA on consecutive session days again reminded me of the out-sized role the union is playing in the lives of their members, both statewide and at the local level. It fills me with pride to be part of such awesome
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Irish America on Capitol Hill

Steve Lenox, President, Lenox Consulting, was proud to speak at a Congressional briefing on Irish America - following is a review he prepared on the event:   Just hours before President Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress, efforts were underway on Capitol Hill to raise awareness of
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Lessons from a Jersey Diner

Anyone who has turned to the writings of leaders they admire, seeking to replicate their success, has surely come across advice to get a jump start on the work week. While I have also sought such pearls of wisdom, and started countless weeks by sitting down on a Sunday evening
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