Monthly Archives : January 2016


Kicking Off the 2016 Belfast Homecoming

Earlier today I had the pleasure of participating in and speaking at the kick-off of the 2016 Belfast Homecoming, of which I am proud to serve as an Honorary Chair, at the Irish Consulate in New York City. Scheduled for October 12-14, this third annual event will be another opportunity for
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His Record Speaks for Itself

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has often spoken about his support for firefighters, police officers, and others that put themselves at risk to keep our communities safe. Despite what he may say from behind a podium, or while holding court at one of his well orchestrated town hall meetings, his
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This Is No Time For Silence

Today we celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, nearly 50 years after his death, there are still those that seek not to strengthen communities through unity, but to divide them through hate, anger and fear. This intolerance in Bayonne is disappointing, and not reflective of the community
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