Yearly Archives : 2014


What’s Happening in Ferguson?

by Steve Lenox

For much of the last week we have watched as law enforcement officials and the residents of Ferguson have literally stood against each other in a tense showdown, brought on not just by the tragic death of a teenager, but by what many feel is years, or decades, of divisiveness and will will. Perhaps what is most heartbreaking of all is that deep down the majority of both sides want the same thing, a stronger community where peace, justice, and equal rights for all prevails.

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Chivukula for Congress: A Team Campaign

Over the past few months, I had the honor of working with Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula’s Congressional campaign in the capacity of call time manager.

Assemblyman Chivukula is a serious legislator committed to his constituents. As an electrical engineer and a progressive, he offers a much-needed perspective that would have served NJ-12 well in Congress. Unfortunately, while the election did not end in our favor on June 2, I am proud of the work we accomplished for Chivukula for Congress. With only three months available to us, we exceeded fundraising expectations and raised more than $350,000 in contributions.

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